For the past decade, Amanda Mabro’s distinctly human approach to the art of singing and speaking has been sought out by students from around the world. In turn, teaching found her. 

A Montreal-born artist with Egyptian, Greek, Austrian and Lebanese roots, Amanda is a critically-acclaimed singer-songwriter. With a career that has spanned over 20 years, she is known for her powerful, engaging performances that have excited and enamoured international audiences, from the Montreal Jazz Festival and the Brussels Opera House to Osheaga and the Toronto Jazz Festival. She’s shared stages with Celine Dion, Arcade Fire, Franz Ferdinand, Raul Midon, Vanessa Carlton, among others; and has collaborated on production and songwriting with Ron Sexsmith, Rob Szabo, Tim Abraham and Rick Coluccio. 

At the same time as her fan base grew, Amanda began to get requests from students seeking a wide range of vocal help for singing, performing and public speaking. Drawing from her early training in dance, acting, Speech Level Singing and some Bel Canto, she developed an astute sense of body awareness complimented by a natural gift for effective communication. As a result, Amanda’s teaching practice grew with a focused ease. 

Through the course of its development, Amanda has spent over a decade researching and sharing various aspects of vocal technique through partnerships with speech-language pathologists, fellow vocal instructors, music therapists, dance instructors, and yogis, allowing her to deepen and expand her coaching and artistic practice.

Splitting her time between Ottawa and Toronto, she teaches for Carleton University's performance studies program in addition to her work coaching professional musicians internationally, in person and on-line. Whether in studio, a workshop, a master class, or a private lesson, she has acted as a guide, helping her students tune into their senses, find their real voice, free their creative spirit and repair vocal injuries. Juno winners, singing hobbyists, lawyers and stand-up comedians alike have all been drawn to her playful nature. She is a rare teacher who has both a deep understanding of the physiology and mechanics of voice, but also a finely tuned sensitivity to people’s needs; she specifically tailors her instructions to the person receiving them. There is no cookie cutter student, and thereby no cookie cutter lesson. Consistent, in creating a disarming environment in which students can be vulnerable and constructive feedback is thoughtfully given, laughter and tears are welcome. 

Taking an avid interest in the growth of her students, Amanda forms a personal bond with them. Supporting them through the incredible changes that vocal freedom can bring, and believing her students are their own best teachers, Amanda is proud to be a catalyst in this life-affirming process.


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