Your voice.  

It's amazing how easy it is to forget about it. Most of us come into the world breathing and making sound effortlessly without any thought as to how the sound really happens.  You simply opened your mouth and let your body do the work so that a pure and primal expression of a unique moment could come flying out. Over time however, we can become increasingly less connected to our bodies and our voices causing all sorts of preconceived notions about vocal sound. 

One of the greatest pleasures in my work comes from the feeling that I'm simply reminding you of something you've forgotten, helping you reconnect to your mind, body, spirit and voice in the most natural and healthy possible way on the road to personal and/or professional development. It is with enthusiasm, passion and curiosity that I hope to serve as a guide on your journey to uncovering the power and capabilities of your unique sound.  My intention with each person I work with is to help bring the technical, artistic, and kinaesthetic elements of vocal studies into balance, so that students can build a solid foundation while achieving new measurable heights within themselves and their work.  

Technique is only the beginning; an instrumental vehicle and support system you learn, practice and experience enough so that it becomes part of how you produce sound.  When your voice is released with an undeniable ease, you can begin to uncover your greatest vocal and artistic potential.  I hope that through the personalized tools you acquire, we can serve you and your distinct voice in a meaningful way.