'I've been working with Amanda for around 3 years now. She's not only helped me reach a confidence and ease vocally I couldn't have imagined possible. She's helped me grow into a better artist and has been an inspiration for me on so many levels. Her level of intuition about my artistic health is kind of astonishing, its so helpful. She's able to answer thousands of enigmatic questions for me simply by listening to my voice and helping me sing. It's really changed my life and helped my career beyond belief!'

-KIM CHURCHILL, Singer-Songwriter & Warner Music REcording artist, australia

"Amanda Mabro hasn’t just changed my voice, she has genuinely changed my life. This woman is an extraordinary teacher, who challenges her students to look beyond their own shortcomings as vocalists, and encourages them to change their perception, not just their voice. She instills a deep sense of respect and genuine passion for the uniqueness of each individual voice and the amazing things it can do. Through this acceptance comes a myriad of other benefits - I can honestly say that my self acceptance on a whole has increased. Often, as artists, so much of our self worth is wrapped up in our art, Amanda encourages vocalists to completely surrender to the joy, power and transformative power of the voice as an instrument and as a method of reconnecting to yourself. She uses techniques rooted in a deep understanding of body awareness and movement, all with a gentle grace that makes the most nervous student completely at ease. Under her guidance I am now able to sing in a way I thought was reserved only for other people - she has empowered me to embrace my voice, my art and my career in a way that I only dreamed of. She is a miracle worker!"

-Melissa Larkin, MEMBER OF villaS, Canada

"Finding the right vocal coach that understands you, adapts to your needs and motivates you beyond what you thought you were capable of is incredibly hard. I've been through several coaches and never settled with anyone until I met Amanda.  I learnt to love my voice and understand singing from the body, mind and soul to control melody and tones with confidence.  She tapped into an unknown potential that I never knew I had, I'd walk away from my lessons and take what I learnt to the live shows to conquer the stages.  I feel beyond grateful and lucky to have been taught by Amanda, it's shaped who I am as a singer today."

-Oli brown, blues guitarist, songwriter & lead singer of raven eye, uk

“Amanda has changed my entire approach to singing, in the most positive way. I started working with her when I experienced some serious vocal health issues about a year ago, which threatened my living as a singer. She shared the tools I would need to improve on singing technique, which was one of the factors contributing to my diminished vocal health. Amanda also gave me the confidence to work through this great emotional challenge. It was a necessary part of the healing process. Since I started working with her, I've experienced a massive change in my ability to sing.  I feel ten times the singer I was a year ago, due in no small part to Amanda's teaching and guidance. I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to improve their craft.”

-Caroline Brooks, Member of AWARD winning group The Good Lovelies, canada

"Amanda Mabro is the best teacher I've had for anything ever. I can't recommend her highly enough. I had some serious vocal trouble a few years back and went to several teachers and ENTs etc. No one really helped me stop hurting myself when I sang. The first few lessons I had with Amanda totally changed my singing. I went from not being about to get through a half hour set without singing myself hoarse to being able to sing a night of four forty-five minute sets, no problem, within a few months. She changed my life."

- Rob Szabo, Award Winning Producer & Singer-Songwriter, canada

"Amanda Mabro is one of the absolute greatest people I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Without any disrespect to the other singing-teachers I have worked with in the past, her approach is unlike anything else I've encountered out there. Her guidance is so specifically tailored to address my particular needs, I often leave our sessions scratching my head as to how someone could possibly be so aware of just what I needed to hear or just what I needed to address, before I even knew it myself. She has changed so much about how I approach singing, technically of course, but especially emotionally. She has a gift, a very real gift, and I am so grateful that I got to experience it and learn from her. Thank you Amanda, from the bottom of my heart, for caring so much, for knowing so much, and for giving so much".

- Peter Katz, Juno Nominated Singer-Songwriter, canada

“Being a performer herself, Amanda truly understands the artist's process. Her level of focus is incredible, and her ability to communicate vocal concepts (even to a beginner like me) was invaluable. She makes her pupils feel inspired.”

- Liane Balaban, Professional Actor, us

"I knew I had found a special teacher and person within the first few minutes of meeting Amanda. She exudes an energy that simultaneously puts you completely at ease and makes you want to rise to every challenge she gives you. I found her at a time when I was in poor vocal health and feeling extremely low about it but she had so much faith in me that I would overcome my issues. She is that perfect balance of whole hearted encouragement and tough love that as a professional singer I really benefit from. Highly recommend!"

- Emma Lee, Acclaimed AND AWARD WINNING Singer-Songwriter, canada

“Mabro is a game-changer. The effortlessness that she imparts will not only transform your singing, but the rest of your life as well.”

- Adam Warner, Professional Drummer & Singer-Songwriter, canada

"Amanda is an extremely intuitive teacher, capable of honing in on the particular problems you have and addressing them with an open, compassionate quality while making the whole process fun and rewarding. She has a sense of infectious joy that only the best teachers have, and she brings out the best in you because of it."

- Graydon James, Member of The Young Novelists, canada

“Amanda’s an efficient and generous coach and also a really funny lady. She lets you get away with nothing - if you are comfortable saying goodbye to old voice habits she can help you unlock your real voice that has been waiting to get out. She taught me to just relax, let go and stop ‘adding’ or putting on all that extra crap into my voice and just let it be my own.”

- Vanessa Matsui, Professional Actor, canada


“When I met Amanda I was a soprano who was convinced I would never create rich tone in my alto voice or master certain techniques like belting. I had been singing for years and thought I had learned all I could about singing. I expected my lessons with Amanda to simply help me brush up on the skills I already had. Amanda's talent as a vocal coach far surpassed my expectations! I was pleasantly surprised by her skills and through her instruction, I surprised myself! Never before have I worked with another vocalist who truly enjoys sharing knowledge about music as much as Amanda does. Her approach to teaching is very well balanced. She coaches with warmth, support and encouragement as well as honesty and sincerity. Amanda praises her students throughout their achievements but is not afraid to give a bit of tough love when necessary. 

Amanda gets inside the mind of her student, continually changing her approach to accommodate the unique learning skills of each person. I learn as much new knowledge about my voice in one lesson as I have learned in a year with other teachers. With Amanda's instruction I have learned to smooth the gap between my chest and head voices. I've extended my vocal range and have drastically improved my breath support. I have richer tone and have learned to connect to my performances on a deeper level.  After working with Amanda I have learned to view my singing career as a continuously evolving journey.

I am a stronger, more confident vocalist than ever before. I now embrace constructive criticism knowing that I am a lifetime student. That is undoubtedly the most valuable gift Amanda has shared with me, the hunger for constant, never ending improvement. She is in the business of creating monsters and business is good!”

- Tabeah Paige, Vocalist, canada

“Amanda is not only an outstanding performer and vocalist but also a unique, knowledgeable and gifted vocal coach. Our exchanges on singing have always been fascinating, complementary, inspiring and enlightening. She is a colleague I much admire and have the greatest respect for.”

- Mirjana Milovanovic, Professional Vocalist and COLLEAGUE, canada

"Amanda is a one-of-a-kind vocal coach that is in a class on her own. I've had several singing lesson experiences and she is by far the most tuned in and technically savvy teacher I have ever worked with. She has a unique ability to identify and communicate subtleties in technique that make a profound difference. She's also very intuitive in her approach, which makes for a very connected experience where whatever we work on a given day seems to always be a good fit for where I'm at on my path as a vocalist. Since I began working with Amanda, my technical skills, vocal range, confidence and ability to fully express myself as a singer have all increased noticeably and I continue to receive amazing feedback which is a testament to the progress we've made together. I'm so thankful to have found Amanda and I'm excited to continue honing my craft with her guidance and support."

- Chris Assaad, Acclaimed Singer-Songwriter, canada

"Amanda has an amazing grasp of how the human body works, specifically a singer's body. Every hour I spent with her changed the way I think about singing, but the best thing about Amanda is her boisterous personality! It is a constant reminder to always have fun, after all, we sing because we love it!"

- Chloe Watkinson, ACCLAIMED Singer-Songwriter, canada

"I have had the pleasure of working with Amanda Mabro for over a year now and the experience has truly been amazing. Amanda has such great understanding of how the voice works and knows just how to explain it, I have never left a lesson feeling confused about what we had worked on. The thing that grabbed my attention when we first started working together was how passionate she was about making me a better singer/musician, and how passionate she was as a person in general. I'm very grateful I got to work with her; she is by far one of best musicians I have ever met and the best vocal coach I have ever had."

- Matt Lionetti, Singer-Songwriter, canada 

“Although I have only been working with Amanda for a few months, I have already learned so much! Her positive and genuinely friendly disposition put me at ease right off the top and I was able to get right into learning while having fun along the way! I’m learning the technical aspects in concert with kinaesthetic principles that are particularly useful for me. Her creative ways to get sound and volume from me are hilariously effective! My breathing and control has improved, and the movements and placement I have learned has helped me reduce strain on my vocal cords, improving the texture and resiliency of my tone. Beyond her teaching approach, Amanda lives what she teaches – I was able to attend a recent performance where she clearly walks her talk! If you need to improve your skills, your comfort level in performance and your endurance as a singer/performer – I highly recommend Amanda to you!”

- Gina Pennesi, Vocalist, canada


“Amanda Mabro is the best singing teacher and voice coach I have ever met or heard of. She inspires greatly everyone who has the pleasure of meeting her, or having a lesson from her. Her comprehensive knowledge of human mind and body, as well as her musical intuition, bring out the best of her students with their individual needs. Every lesson with her is a delight of opening new doors within yourself as she professionally guides you to confidence with your body and voice. I have and continue recommending her as a teacher to everyone interested in finding their true voice.”

- Virpi Kettu, Animator & Performance Artist, uk

"Amanda Mabro is a vocal coach who works with passion and integrity. If you trust her and do the work, she will help you sing with ease and control. Singing will be more fun and your voice more confident."

- Nancy Dutra, Acclaimed Singer-Songwriter, canada

“Amanda Mabro is not only an amazing performer, but a phenomenal vocal coach who can tackle any teaching situation. Believing that I would never be able to sing, let alone sing live on stage, Amanda proved me wrong and brought out the hidden vocalist in me. It is through her that I discovered my voice, realized how beautiful it could be, and accepted it into my own artistic practice.”

- Brigitte Dajczer (BRIGA), Professional Musician, canada

"Amanda helped me learn to sing confidently and find my 'real' voice. Her approach was totally unique and intuitive. Amanda figured out what worked for me right away. She was able to translate classical theory into simple, profoundly effective images that I could use immediately. It was hard and magical work, and it really paid off. I recently had a blast singing in a big audition, showing off my new chops - and I booked the gig. I love how my voice sounds now when I sing, and I am actually looking forward to singing my husband happy birthday tonight."

- Marika Warner, Professional Actor, canada

"As early as my third lesson I had a major breakthrough and heard myself sing and express in ways I always knew were possible but seeing it become a reality and feeling the power in the process was truly remarkable!! I had no idea I could sing from so many different parts of my body - and have such a surge of energy flow through my body the whole time!! Amanda Mabro is truly a gift and an amazing vocal coach!"

- Michael Eisen, Author & Speaker, canada 

“Amanda has opened me up to a whole new world of singing. Her passion blows me away. She's got an unbeatable mix of excitement and knowledge, and that goes a long way in making me feel comfortable and inspired when she's teaching me. She's a dynamo!”

- Mike Evin, Acclaimed Singer-Songwriter, canada

“I asked Amanda to be my singing coach because of her energetic, positive attitude towards singing, art, and life. I could never have known the places she'd take me to: creatively, spiritually, and otherwise. Amanda's understanding of how to intuit a student's issues and blocks, and how to reach into someone and pull out what makes their voice special and unique, consistently blows me away. I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher. I'm so grateful I found her.”

- Natalie Karneef, podcaster & Author, canada

“It has been quite a journey for me. I have had my ups and my downs with my constant worries of wanting to be 'perfect' (whatever that means) getting things right away and just being hard on myself in general. With Amanda, I have never felt rushed to progress, she has always adapted to my needs as an individual. Also going the extra mile, she has gone out of her way to figure out ways that will aid in my progression. Through this process I have come to grow not only as a vocalist but also as a person. I have never been in the presence of someone so passionate about what they do. She truly is an amazing individual.”

- Keiva Burrowes McLean, Singer, canada

“Amanda has exceeded my expectations; not only does she have great technical knowledge and extensive experience, but she also has an innate ability to bring out the best in her students. Her lessons are always challenging and creative and I personally have gained so much from them. With her help and guidance I have discovered potential I didn’t even know I had. Expanding my range was really exciting for me and her encouragement and advice have increased my confidence when performing in front of an audience. Amanda truly loves what she does and you can witness her dedication throughout every lesson.”

- Araceli Martinez, Singer, canada

“Not only is Amanda an artistically and technically talented singer and songwriter, she is a patient, encouraging and inspiring teacher. She is extremely intelligent about how the body produces sound and she is able to teach you how to tap into and enjoy your own voice. She is tough enough to push you to progress and respectful enough to be honest about how you really sound.”

- Sandra Margolian, singER, canada

“When I started working with Amanda to improve my voice for public speaking, I never dreamt of falling in love with singing as well. Although singing is a hobby to me, Amanda has provided me with a great depth of technical knowledge. Through her playful approach I’ve learned how to breathe better, perform fun vocal lines with ease, and use the different colors my voice is capable of. Her great sensibility to the needs and weaknesses of her students has helped me overcome fears and use my voice with confidence – whether for public speaking or singing. Our lessons have become a real highlight in my everyday life!”

- Almut Sohn, Public Relations Rep, germany

“Amanda has a wonderful combination of traits that make her a great coach. She is encouraging, supportive, and patient but she also gently pushes you beyond your insecurities and does not let you get away with anything; ensuring that you stay on track, stay focused and continue to work on areas that need improvement. Amanda's unique metaphors also bring further insights into the art of singing and the training processes in general, resulting in a more meaningful learning experience.”

- Shevaughn Battle, Music Industry Rep. & Singer, canada

“Amanda Mabro is an inspirational singing teacher whose eclectic approach draws on many different teaching styles. She has an intuitive understanding of teaching backed by comprehensive knowledge on the subject and years of professional experience. Her lessons are fun, relaxing, and effective.”

- Nick Roffey, Singer-Songwriter, canada

“I had Amanda as my vocal instructor for a few months, and during that short time frame she managed to relay to me all the necessary tools for developing my voice to its full potential. Amanda has an incomparable talent for detecting core issues that block the student from reaching their full potential. Her attention to detail and her infectious bubbly personality are what set her apart from all the teachers I’ve known, not to mention her captivating manner of teaching theory. All I can say is during that time I not only met a great vocal instructor but also a true friend.”

- Joey Waknin, Singer, us

“Amanda has a remarkable talent for explaining and demonstrating abstract concepts in a way I could relate to. As we worked together, singing started to become something raw and organic as the pressure, fears, and expectations of ‘wanting to sing a certain way’ gave way to just discovering my voice for what it was. She taught me to connect more to the story I was telling rather than trying to be impressive. She really made me think about my motivations for singing, coming to our lessons was like getting into a swimming pool: at first you are hesitant for that initial ‘discomfort’ (i.e. the vulnerability of using your voice, which cannot be upgraded or changed for another one), but once you dive in you don't want to get out! I always walked out of our lessons relaxed and inspired. She encouraged me to dare go places with my voice I would have been afraid of before - teaching me to let my voice free rather than ‘bullying’ it into a cookie cutter. All I can say is that I would have loved to have more time to work with her, but the few hours we did spend were lovely and made a big impact, which was helpful on many levels."

- Marinet Saint-Amand, Music Therapist, canada

“Amanda's voice lessons are a truly exhilarating and educational experience. Her intuitive teaching style caters to the individual needs of each student, from professional singers to beginners like myself. She taught me how to sing with my own voice, rather than try to imitate other singers. In addition to learning techniques like singing with my front and back resonators, each lesson is an incredible emotional release.   Amanda's voice lessons are like hitting a 'reset button' that energizes me for weeks. Voice lessons with Amanda are like getting to know a part of yourself you never knew existed.”

- Jennifer Kruidbos, Yoga Instructor, canada

“I thoroughly enjoyed singing lessons with Amanda Mabro over the past 3 years. At the time that I stumbled upon a poster advertising singing lessons with Amanda Mabro, I needed to acquire and develop technical skills as a singer. Most of all, I needed a space where I could feel safe to learn and explore and to get to enjoy singing again (which unfortunately I seemed to have lost during years of performing in theatre). I was fortunate enough to get all of this with Amanda as facilitator and teacher. With time I not only discovered that my range, technical abilities and flexibility as singer improved, but that I also found great joy in singing and the use of my voice. I greatly appreciated Amanda’s knowledge and skill as singer and singing teacher as well as her patience, enthusiasm and ability to know when to challenge and when to leave space for personal discoveries during lessons.”

- Amelda Brand, Drama Therapist, canada